He proposes using the same ring he gave to his ex: a distraught fiancé

He proposes using the same ring he gave to his ex: a distraught fiancé


We all know the ring isn’t the most important part of a marriage proposal and as such many people would be perfectly happy with a ring pop or Haribo ring if it meant they got to marry the love of their life

But if you’re given one it’s still a very nice gesture and the piece of jewellery can become incredibly sentimental for you and your family.

One woman was lucky enough to be given a fancy engagement ring when her partner got down on one knee and she’s always liked it – until she recently discovered the truth about where it came from.

As reported by the Liverpool Echo, the anonymous wife took to Mumsnet to share her outrage after discovering her husband had given her the same ring he once used to propose to his ex.

To make matters worse, he’d spent years lying about it, insisting it wasn’t the same ring.

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She wrote: “Am I being ridiculous? Actually really upset.

The woman,told users that she did not know where the engagement ring her partner gave her had come from, but that it looked exactly like the one he had given his ex some years ago. She recounted her apprehensive feeling with these words: “I was suspicious from the beginning because I was aware that his ex (who is the mother of my stepchildren) had returned the ring to him when they separated. I knew he still had it with him when we first met because he found it when we were getting rid of a lot of junk when we moved in together. This all happened seven years ago. He told me that the ring was gone and that he had gotten rid of it forever.

When he asked me to marry him and gave me a ring, I immediately had some doubts. I remembered seeing a ring, but I didn’t know where it had come from, so I couldn’t be 100% sure it was the same one he had given to his ex. I asked him where the ring had come from, and he told me that he had got it from a shop near our house and had gone there with a friend to choose it for me.”

The woman goes on to say that it’s recently come to light that the ring he proposed with is the exact same one he once gave to his ex.

She admits: “I’m actually really p****d off. Not because I’m a***d about having a fancy ring, I’d have been happy with anything. But I’m upset that he lied and tbh I am upset that it’s the ring he gave another woman too.

In the end, it turned out that the woman was completely right in her suspicions: “I’m really stunned by this whole affair. I would have been happy with almost anything else, but I was literally stunned that he lied to me and gave me another woman’s ring – a woman who is also the mother of his children.

I’m embarrassed as well in a way, this is the mother of his kids, who hasn’t been the kindest to me, god knows if she has spotted it but if so it makes me cringe. It’s the kind of thing she’d take pleasure in knowing that I don’t realise.”

“I’m actually really really annoyed. Is it petty? Am I right to be? Does it matter? I know the lying matters but I’m also p****d off that it’s the same ring, would that part bother you as well?”

More than 200 people replied to the post, with many agreeing they would be upset as well.

One person said: “I would be hurt too, from the lie and the gesture.”

Another wrote: “It would really bother me too. I don’t think you’re being unreasonable.”

A third commented: “I would be p****d off. He could have sold it off and bought you a new one or have this one altered but definitely, recycling a ring is a big no and I am not a big jewellery person, in fact, my ring was about 500 quid or something. But it was new.”

Someone else posted: “I’d feel the same. He sounds lazy and thoughtless at best. Go to the jewellers and get it swapped for something you want, add in some money and get it upgraded.”

While a different user added: “You’re right to be really p****d off. He openly lied about something as important as your engagement. That’s messed up. I’d question his overall integrity and the relationship.”

What do you think of this story? In your opinion, is the woman right to be upset by this or should she just “get over it?” Let us know in the comments below!

And to think that all this just started over… an engagement ring

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