Hardworking kid earns admiration for selling fish to support sick dad and send himself to school

While we can’t control the circumstances we were born in or choose the family we would have at birth, everyone gets the chance to change their future – and that’s through hard work and determination. Indeed, a lot of poor children eventually became rich, powerful people when they grew up! A young boy named Lance is a typical example. He went viral for his determination to send himself to school and also earn enough money to support himself as well as his sick dad.

Because he no longer has a mother, Lance lives with his dad who is too sickly to find a good job. Lance decided to sell dried fish to support his dad and help send himself to school.

According to Jewel Rashia, she and her mother were eating at Jollibee Pateros when her mom noticed the kid selling downstairs. They watched the kid from the glass window, seeing him happily selling the dried fish and ‘tinapa’ (a Filipino term for fish that is preserved through the process of smoking) to several Jollibee customers.

Jewel Rashia / Facebook

The staff at this store did not mind that this kid went inside the store to sell his goods, seeing that he is determined to support himself.

When the kid arrived at the second floor where Jewel and her mom were eating, he began to pitch his goods – and they were quite impressed that he made it sound like a great commercial! Jewel’s mom bought some from the kid, all the way also interviewing him.

Jewel Rashia / Facebook

They learned that his name is Lance and he lives at the Gawad Kalinga Village in Sta. Ana. Because he lost his mother and his dad is sick, a tita sends him to school but the money is not enough. So, he sells dried fish and ‘tinapa’ to meet their day to day needs as well as help earn money for the things he needed for school.

He was teary-eyed as he shared his story, yet still determined to do his best to sell his goods to earn some money. He does not mind walking far so he could bring his products to many places so he could, hopefully, sell everything before returning home.

Jewel Rashia / Facebook

Touched by his story, Jewel shared his photos and encouraged netizens to buy from him should they see him in the street.

Source: rachfeed,  Jewel Rashia / Facebook

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