Groom Surprises Everyone at His Wedding by Delivering Vows to Two Young Girls

Groom Surprises Everyone at His Wedding by Delivering Vows to Two Young Girls

On his wedding day, a besotted groom from Detroit, Michigan, delivered vows to not one but three special ladies in his life. Moments before tying the knot, he turned to his bride’s two young daughters, whom he has known for years, and surprised them with a life-changing question: “Can I adopt you?”

Dontez and Myshella Burton met about seven years ago through a dating site called Plenty of Fish. At the time, Myshella’s two children, Abigail and Natalie, were only 1 and 2 years old.

Seven years later, Dontez and Myshella were ready to tie the knot. And Dontez knew he wanted to find a special way to include Abigail and Natalie in their big day.

The girls had been calling him Dad for years. So, Dontez decided to make it official with a very special adoption proposal!

Groom Pulls Off Surprise Adoption Proposal At Wedding

Dontez Williams decided to keep his plan a secret. So, when the family gathered for the wedding rehearsal, he only read the vows he’d written for his bride, Myshella.

What his bride and her children didn’t know was that he’d also written separate vows for the adoption proposal, too!

“Just the thought of me writing the vows for them, it made me want to tear up,” he said. “When I felt that emotion just thinking about it, I was like, ‘I got to do this. This is the right decision. There’s no ifs, ands, or buts about it.’”

As Dontez began to go off script during the ceremony, the wedding party became visibly confused. That confusion quickly turned into an emotional realization!

“Myshella was really shocked, but she was happy and just thankful for me stepping up,” Dontez said. “She was really happy that I feel that way for them and said she’s grateful to have me in their lives.”

In his emotional speech, Dontez recalled when he first met Abigail and Natalie before going on to explain all the ways they have made a positive impact on his life.

“I never knew you really do become a man when you have children,” he said. “Having someone to teach, protect and provide for them, discipline them, learn from them, and support them. For all of those reasons, you have helped me become a better person. I know that I’m a father figure to you both.”

As Dontez continued to speak, it became clear to the girls what he was doing. Before he could even get to the question, one of them was already crying.

In the same moment he got down on one knee to officially ask if he could adopt them, his precious daughters were already saying “yes” and hugging him as tightly as they could.

“Although they are not biologically mine, blood could not make us any closer,” he said.

The girls’ emotional response, said Dontez, brought the trio closer. The soon-to-be legal father is grateful that his videos have touched people’s hearts and received such positivity.

What a beautiful scene! Watch the emotional proposal play out in the video below, and don’t forget to share this story to spread the love.



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