Groom slammed for attending own wedding to bride, 16, in jeans and T-shirt

Groom slammed for attending own wedding to bride, 16, in jeans and T-shirt

The wedding day is always eagerly awaited by the spouses and organized down to the smallest detail. In fact, there are many who want to organize “a perfect day” in the name of love. Preparation is about the guests, the choice of dress, the venue, the menu for the reception and much more. The bride is usually the one who cares most about her dress choice, of course. But what happens when the groom, on the other hand, doesn’t care and shows up at his wedding in casual clothes? It happened at the wedding of Catherine Nicholson, who was beautifully dressed in white, while her future husband wore jeans and a t-shirt.

How would you have reacted?

A UK groom is being lambasted mercilessly online for showing up to his own nuptials in a T-shirt and faded jeans — while his blond bride is done up to the hilt in a fancy wedding dress.

A clip of his fashion faux pas has racked up more than 1.7 million views on TikTok as of Wednesday morning.

“Well, she’s definitely fell in love this summer,” reads the caption to frumpy footage, which was shared Sunday by Dorchester’s Violet Price, 16.

Sharing the video on TikTok was Catherine Nicholson’s “best friend” Violet Price, 16, of Doncaster.

For the celebratory occasion, the groom opted for a black t-shirt from the streetwear brand, Palm Angels, and paired it with grey washed jeans and trainers.

His bride Catherine, 16, went for a more traditional approach and was pictured wearing a white mermaid style wedding gown, complete with cinched waist and a long lace train.

In the video, Catherine and Violet could be seen having fun on a fairground ride while Violet accompanied the footage with the caption: “My best friend a couple of months ago telling me she ain’t gunna fall in love.”

In the accompanying audio, they can also both be heard chanting, “I ain’t falling in love this summer, I do my thing this summer” in the background, before the video cuts to Catherine on her wedding day, a mere two months later.

Several social media users expressed their views too on the speed at which Catherine had taken the marital plunge, with many commenting that it seemed too short a time for such a serious commitment.

In fact, the video starts with a very different scene than the one in the church.

Catherine and her friend Violet were in a park, probably on the Ferris wheel, and her mantra at the time was that they “wouldn’t fall in love” with anyone that summer: “my best friend told me a few months ago that she wouldn’t have fallen in love” , he wrote. Violet in the video caption. A video that abruptly switches to Catherine’s wedding photos.

But it was the groom’s clothes that caught the attention of users. Among the most recurrent comments: “but did you understand that it was your wedding?”.

There are those who express their displeasure at seeing all the effort with which Catarina has beautified herself and those who are more concerned about how quickly the two fell in love and later got married. From the photos, Catherine doesn’t exactly look like the picture of happiness. Was it a hasty choice or was the young woman simply disappointed in the way her husband had presented himself?

Despite the tsunami of bile, Violet Price stood by her bestie’s betrothed, fuming in the comments: “For god sake stop she’s married & very happy. She’s not bothered wat way he dressed she’s married & that’s all that matters.”

How would you react if your future husband showed up dressed like this at your wedding?,

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