Grieving Mother Who Visited Her Son’s Grave, Unexpectedly Received A “Sign” From The Sky

Everyone wonders what happens to us after we left our life, but nobody can know for sure. Undoubtedly, it’s something that each living person has pondered about before, and you may even think you have an answer. Maybe you’re religious and you have a certain set belief about the afterlife, or you just have a strong feeling about what is to happen to us. But no matter what we do, we will never be able to know the truth about where our souls go when we say goodbye to our life.

Perhaps you’ve thought about where we go after someone close to you has passed. Each time that someone around us pa*sses away, it can be extremely difficult to deal with. Despite the fact that each person deals with loss in their own way, many people look for little signs or hope that our loved ones are still around.

If you accidentally stumble upon one of these signs, it’s hard to look at them as coincidences. There have been countless cases about people who believe that their pas*sed away loved ones are trying to communicate. That is also a recent case of a mother and son, which will make you believe that there are too many signs for it all to be a coincidence.

Marie Robinson, who resides in Waterlooville in England, decided to visit the grave of her son when something remarkable happened.

Unfortunately, Jack, her son, had pas*sed away three years earlier because of an unfortunate brain tumour when he was four. This event was difficult on their family, but the grieving mom still visited his grave on the anniversary of the day he left her forever. Looking for closure or some solace, she asked for Jack to show her a sign that he was still around.

When Marie became wrapped up in her emotions, a little robin flew right over to her, landing on top of her. Marie recalls the robin sitting on her leg for an extended period of time before ending up in her palm. The mom said the robin seemed relaxed and even nibbled her to show affection a few times. Was this her sign? She sure thinks so. When her son was alive, she often took him out to look at the robins in the park.

After he left her forever, she saw a single robin in the same place that she used to spend time with her son. Certainly, this can be seen as a sign from above that Jack is still watching over her. She was overwhelmed at the thought, but grateful for the tiny signal in the form of a robin.


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