Grandma struts her stuff with granddaughter and steals spotlight

Just because you’re 85, doesn’t mean you don’t “still got it.” One grandma demonstrated this point by heating up the living room floor with her dance skills during the family talent show.

Get ready to cheer along as she wiggles her hips and proves that age really is just a number. Who knows, she might even become your new hero!

Let’s face it, there are some families that are a boatload more fun than others.

You know the types – the ones that are always laughing and planning game night extravaganzas.

While we’ve never met the people in the video below, it’s safe to say they have a pretty fun family too.

That’s because it takes place at their very own family talent show!

There’s even a whiteboard in the background with the names of everyone who signed up for it.

It was finally grandma’s turn to wow the crowd – and who better to do it with than her own granddaughter.

Both ladies took their spots in front of the fireplace looking ready to dance.

The younger of the two has on her sports headband, while granny’s wearing a sweatsuit and holding onto a cane.

From the very beginning, laughter can be heard coming from their loved ones.

It’s apparent who’s gonna be the star of the show, and she knows it too!

The dancing duo starts off by warming up a little while a song plays in the background.

If you listen close, you’ll hear it’s the “Cupid Shuffle.”

Musical artist Cupid released the song in 2007, which also sparked a dance craze as well.

The Cupid Shuffle is a line dance that anyone can join in on. Like the singer says, “It don’t matter if you’re young or you’re old.”

Once the granddaughter hears where she wants to start in the music, she directs them to get moving.

The two side-shuffle their feet across the living room floor while the rest of the family members go nuts.

As for the next part, granny knows this one. She starts kicking her legs out like a pro.

Now comes time for a little “walk it by yourself.” Both ladies shake their hips as they turn in a full-circle.

Sure, the elderly woman kept ahold of her cane to be safe while she danced.

However, she was keeping up just fine with all of the modern moves. Hmm, maybe you can actually “teach an old dog new tricks!”

What’s the best is they both have the biggest smiles on their faces. In fact, the entire room is lit up with happiness.

On top of dancing being good for the body and soul, there are many health benefits to laughter as well.

According to the Mayo Clinic, laughing can help stimulate organs, soothe tension, improve one’s immune system, ease pain, and help reduce depression/anxiety leading to a better mood.

The 85-year-old is absolutely adorable up on stage with her loved one. In fact, she’ll probably have you grinning from ear to ear too.

By no surprise, the entire family broke into huge applause at the end of the ladies’ act.

Now, we don’t know if they were announcing winners at their talent show – but hopefully, grandma took home some sort of a prize.

You can watch her bust a move in the video below!

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