Girls, Shape of Your Lips Can Reveal Some Secrets About You

Girls, Shape of Your Lips Can Reveal Some Secrets About You

1 Thick Lips

People with these thick lips are born to care about others . If your lips are shaped like this, you may be an animal lover, raise a stray cat or help the animals you meet on the road. You want all of those animals to have a home, be married and be loved and cared for. You have the innate instincts of a caregiver and always yearn to help, take care of others. In any case, you always think for others before thinking for yourself. With these lips, you will also be the most perfect and wonderful mother and father.

2 Thin Lips

People with thin lips are usually people who like – in – one – themselves . In fact, you can ( and like ) do everything on your own, always self-reliant and able to deal with any problem. If you have thin lips, you are most likely the type of person who does not need to go to the company or group when visiting the museum, even when enjoying a vacation somewhere. However, even though you love to be alone, you still feel comfortable and safe when you’re in the same crowd. You are easy to get along with, get to know people and be able to judge others through their behavior.

3 The upper lip is slightly curved and thicker than the lower lip

People with this kind of lips should be a movie star. You must be very emotional, charismatic, love life and always pay attention to yourself. In particular, you are always very aware of yourself, your strengths – weaknesses and attract others to pay attention to you. You always want to be the navel of the universe, the center of attention. In a crowd, you are always the one who stands out with a charming and funny way of talking.

4 The lower lip is thicker than the upper lip

Honestly, you were born not to do office work . Of course, how can you sit still when there are so many interesting things going on around you? Those who own these interesting lips always realize how meaningful and fun life is to life. You feel the need to have an energetic life, with new relationships, new lands to visit and new impressions to experience. You are always curious, sociable and open to new things. In particular, you are the type of person who has the ability to lead others along the path of adventure to discover new, exciting challenges that make life more perfect.

5 The lips have moderate thickness and balance

People with normal lips are quite balanced, have self-control in life and are very smart in solving problems , as well as handling any kind of work that lies ahead. Your strength lies in your ability to listen to others. If others do something wrong or wrong, you will criticize gently and treat others with respect. You are always calm and calmly handle all problems that arise. However, you are not too strict and dry but still like to laugh and live friendly with people.

6. The upper lip has a clear and deep core

People with these lips are masters of creativity . If you own these lips, you probably have an aptitude for a certain art and in the future will be able to become an artist, musician or talented artist for example. You can remember the face of another person’s name very well, also able to keep the characteristics of others from the first time you meet. In addition, you also know how to keep in touch with all the people you know and be aware of what is happening in the world around you. You are friendly, sociable, always striving to express yourself in any form and often achieve good results in your work.

7. The upper lip with the middle core is not clear

If you have lips that look like pictures, you are a compassionate, kind, sensitive and kind person . You will feel very sad and disappointed when witnessing some unhappy situation, always trying to help others within your ability. Helping the less fortunate and caring about the surrounding world seems to be the mission and the things you want. It is because of people like you who contribute to making this world better.

8. The upper lip has a central core

People with such lips are the most responsible and trusted people in the world . If you own these lips, your motivation and motto will be ” Need to complete the job no matter how difficult. ” It seems that you don’t know the existence of two words ” impossible ” and time is not something that can make it difficult for you. Everything will be completed on time. Your relatives and friends know that they can rely on you in any situation. You are a person who often appears and solves all problems quickly and effectively.

9. Small lips, berry

People with small lips and berries are often very personality and mischievous. The first priority in life is your own feelings and comfort. You understand: ” If you don’t take care of yourself, no one can do it .” In the first meeting, other people will find you seem selfish but that is not true. You are a kind and devoted friend, do not hesitate to help your friends and put material interests on your friends’ affection. However, I always have my own principles for comfort. Because of these living principles, your life is always in the right direction and under your control.

10. The upper lip is very thin

People with extremely thin upper lip are people with special leadership qualities. If you own these lips, it seems that leadership has eaten your blood right from the beginning. You are very good at persuading others and using other people’s weapons to oppose themselves. You are always abundant in energy, so much so that other people can also feel the energy radiating from you. You will surely achieve success no matter what happens in the process of success. However, you often find it difficult to have a romantic relationship, because your life principle is to influence others rather than share and accompany others during the long journey of life.


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