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Friends are angels who lift us to our feet when our wings have trouble remembering how to fly.

Friends are the ones who stand with us when the whole world turns its back against us.

Friends are the ones who revive and motivate our spirits in situations we feel like we will never pass.

All my life no one ever showed me so much love like my friends did.

I lost my parents when I was barely twelve years old and ever since then life hasn’t been so blissful, but my friends stood by me throughout those trying moments of my life.

When my aunt couldn’t keep up with paying my tuition and housing me, my friends had to talk to their parents about me and that’s how I got to live with them and me never for once felt I was leaving with someone who isn’t my family.

They took me in as their own and even when my relatives abandoned me, my friends never did; they became family.

They made me believe they were still good people in the world and I was happy that our paths crossed.

When I started working I had to move out of their house and I relocated because of my job and I got to make new friends in my new location.

I trusted them blindly because I never for once thought my new friends were going to be different.

I met a guy I loved and we kicked off things and I was hoping someday we will start a family and all that; three years into the relationship and I found out he was having an affair with one of my friends.

Everyone in my circle knew, and they all chose to keep me in the dark and they never for once felt bad until I found out, so much for friendship.

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