First-love Couple of 65-year marriage passed away minutes apart holding hands

Being around for the last 65 years of their lives, this couple from the USA shared the last minutes together on the hospital bed holding each other’s hand.

Martha Jean Harris and Charley Ray were both hospitalized. They were treated for their different conditions but on two beds next to each other. The couple spent the last minutes of their lives holding hands as the two only d.i.e.d some minutes apart.

Richard Harris, the youngest son of the passed-away, waiting outside wished they would have come home from this life/d.eath hospitalization as both was too old now. But the prospect turned bad for the family and they left others very sorry for their life-long love story.

At least Richard has been always proud of his parents: “They’re forever in love. Falling in love, and it lasts forever”.

Richard further explained their love began so early at age 12 and they have never separated. Harris and Ray got married at the age of 19 and their love kept getting happier and more fun.

Charley Ray was a Church teacher who spent every Sunday singing in the choir while Martha Jean Harris got her hands busy in the ladies auxiliary.

Now in their 80s, their h.ealth began to show its problems. They were suffering from different conditions and were transported to the hospital in the same ambulance.

Even at their worst, they’d been together, sharing the same em.ergency room.

After two weeks in the hospital, Martha and Charley were watched closely and supported on the wheel by their nurses.

According to Richard, with their health worse and worse, the only three words they kept giving each other was “I love you”.

On Monday, Charley Ray came to say his last goodbye to his lifetime lover as her condition turned extremely bad and 42 minutes later, he joined her in eternity, holding her hand.

The family will organize the funeral for the happy deceased at the same church they got married 65 years ago.

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