Family gets restaurant check with handwritten note that moves them to tears

Family of four gets restaurant check with handwritten note that moves them to tears

A family of four, a mother, a father, and their two twin daughters, were having dinner at a Red Lobster in Arizona celebrating Father’s Day. They resembled a perfect family, but no one at the restaurant knew that they had experienced heartbreak

Daniel and Maxi Cortez was enjoying celebrating the special day with their baby girls on Father’s Day, back in 2016.

When they finished and the waitress brought over the bill, it included a handwritten message which left them shocked.

On their receipt, someone had written: “Enjoy your babies. They don’t stay little long. From the family across from you. God bless you.”

That was an incredibly beautiful thing to do for perfect strangers.

Daniel and Maxi, a military couple, had fallen pregnant with triplets but tragically lost one of their babies in 2015.

They were happy to celebrate Daniel the following year, but it wasn’t easy. The unexpected and anonymous gesture moved them to tears, and Maxi shared just how much it meant to them.

Touched by the good deed, Daniel and Maxi Cortez, who were both in the military, decided to share the note online in hopes of reaching to the kind people who paid for their meal. Along with it, they shared their family’s life story and explained why the kindness they received meant the world to them.

They explained that they had triplets but lost one of the babies at seven weeks old. “To you we looked like just a family of 4 celebrating the most important man in our lives. Little did you know last year we celebrated as a family of 5,” Maxi wrote.

Baby Landon caught bacterial meningitis a few weeks after being born. Sadly, he passed away.

“From the time he was born, he never closed his eyes. He just wanted to be awake all the time. It’s like he knew that he only had a short time.”

Maxi hoped that the strangers who had paid for their meal would see her message and know just what their kind gesture meant to them.

The heartbroken mother wished those strangers at the restaurant who gave them the touching note knew how much it meant to them.,



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