Every man has these thoughts when he finally meets the right woman

Men who like to keep it short, men are used to fooling around, men who do not care about the future a lot mostly and usually find the women of their dreams when they are not searching. For such men, the right woman changes everything from their personality to their habits and they willingly let her because they have never felt this way for anyone before.

Even though they feel lucky once they get lucky, men have these 8 thoughts when they find their Mrs. Right, which is about trying to repel, giving it a chance and finally giving in to her love.

1. Resist, Resist, Resist

It is the first thought when he knows Mrs. Right is right there! A man’s instinct is to be single, so when he knows this amazing girl will capture his heart, he has a brief moment of madness. He wants to resist the urge to snuggle up to her permanently . Usually this period of crazy will subside and he will be running to Jared’s. This does explain some of the odd, mixed signals you get from your man. He seems into you, but then not, what’s up? Have some patience and give him some time to get this out of his system. If you really are the girl for him, it won’t take him long to realize it. For some, this is a fear of rejection. Make it clear you are into him, but you aren’t the last lonely loser willing to wait forever.

2. She keeps getting prettier

Guys who don’t stay interested in women for too long find it a bit surprising to find someone beautiful even after a long time of being with them. Lust makes them stay attracted only in the starting period and it fades over time but when a man finally falls in love, his Mrs. Right keeps getting prettier every day. The reason behind this may be that he looks at her closely every day and wants to see the beauty in her. Taming of such men is such a wonderful thing to experience.

3. He Feels Respected

Respect can mean vastly different things to a man than it does to a woman. It can even vary from man to man. One thing that doesn’t vary is the fact that all men want it. They even crave it. When asked what they thought when they met Mrs Right, respect was a common theme. Respect can be pretty simple. Listening and valuing him. Not putting him down in front of others. Asking his opinion on things. This can be difficult in the age of feminism but when a couple is right for each other, this comes naturally. Respect can often mean letting him figure something out himself. Not demanding you are right even when you know you are!! Men enjoy the feeling of respect and it builds them up. Everyone wants to be around someone that builds them up. Trust factors into respect as well. If a man is constantly deemed untrustworthy and questioned, he will feel disrespected.

4. He Wants To Tell Her Everything

Men tend to keep their lips locked if they are not interested in the person they are dating; they prefer silence over having to tell the other person about their past tragic experiences or anything else that is important. But with this woman who makes him want to change, he is ready to spill out all his secrets and is not afraid of doing so. With this woman, he knows it will be okay, that she deserves to know him fully without any part of his life missed.

5. He doesn’t want other girls

It takes a lot to pull his interest from other girls. Men tend to have wandering eyes and hearts. All that comes to a halt when the right girl comes around. It could be love at first sight or it could happen gradually over time. One thing is certain, men report a loss of interest in other females when they finally realize Mrs Right is right in front of them. When he is with The One, a guy notices one day that he just doesn’t have the desire to approach other women or check them out constantly. Not that they won’t notice if a beautiful woman walks into the room, but he won’t be interested in her. Don’t demand exclusivity right away, or treat him like a criminal if he glances at a s.e.x.y babe. If you are really the right girl for him, you won’t have to! It takes an amazing woman to get a man to put away his s.e.x.u.a.l pursuit, and that amazing woman is you.

6. It’s All Fun, No Games

He wants to settle when it comes to being with the right woman. People tend to play games in relationships by dividing their attention and scoring other dates while they appear to be in a relationship with someone. Suddenly, for the guy who used to play games, all those affairs seem to be immature and meaningless and he does not want to play them anymore. All he wants from life, now, is spending it with her peacefully without any more games being played. A serious relationship is what he wants now.

7. He doesn’t want to change a thing about her

We have all known guys who wished to change something about us like our taste in clothes and anything else that should completely be our choice. With this guy so in love with the woman he thinks is right for her, it will not be like this; he will not want to change a single thing about her and would want to keep her the way she is because that was the girl he fell in love with. Her imperfections would be so perfect for him.

8. She is a part of me

The thoughts of being away from her or being deceitful to her seem impossible to him now that he thinks of her as a part of him. The guy who ran away from love has found it in the most beautiful woman no matter what the world tells him. After having all these thoughts, he knows one thing for sure: she is his Mrs. Right and there is no denying that.

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