Elderly couple see son has turned his basement rec room into a refurbished suite for them both to live in

When this elderly couple started having health issues, their son and daughter-in-law were sure of what they wanted for their parents.

Bonnie and Geroge, both 87, started having trouble remembering things. Bonnie even suffered a fall and broke her shoulder. Thus, both of them needed a lot of care and attention to get through the day.

The elderly couple’s son, Schon, worried about his dad and his mom. The devoted son, from Bremen, Ohio, really didn’t want to put them into a nursing home so with his wife Jeannie they started to explore different options. The young couple decided to do something special for their parents.

Schon and Jeannie decided to blow a hole in the basement wall, get rid of all their stuff, and move their parents in so they can take good care of the aging couple.

“We decided to blow a hole in the basement wall, get rid of our fun stuff like pool table, instruments, and karaoke area and move them in so we can take care of them,” Schon said.

And after the renovation, Schon reveals the newly build room for his parents. He shows them their tiny kitchen, bathroom, and their entire living space. His mom and dad’s reaction to seeing the house for the first time is heartwarming.

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