Eat 5 walnuts and wait 4 hours. This is what happens to you

Walnuts are known as a super food because of their high content of healthy fats they contain together with the numerous health benefits they provide. These foods comprise anything from almonds and pistachios to peanuts and walnuts. However, in case you want to make more improvements concerning your health, read on to find out why walnuts should be part of your diet.

According to latest research, a handful of walnuts a day is just enough to protect you from heart disease. In addition, regular consumption ensures a permanent protection.

Researchers have revealed that this leads to a dramatic improvement in cholesterol levels and flexibility of blood vessels, which provides a proper blood flow, only 4 hours after you have consumed walnuts or walnut oil.

Moreover, research confirms that regular consumption of walnuts provides a strong protection against cardiovascular diseases.

“And only by consuming a handful of walnuts or walnut oil for four days in a week you can significantly reduce the risk of heart disease,” explains Dr. Penny Kris Eterton, professor of nutrition at Penn State University in Pennsylvania.

This study is the first of its kind, identifying the exact part of walnuts that gives the most powerful health benefits. Three tablespoons of walnut oil, or 51ml, will improve the condition of your blood vessels within 4 hours.

Walnut oil is amazing for the integrity of endothelial cells. These cells line blood vessels and are held as responsible for their flexibility.

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