Dryer sheets aren’t just for drying clothes. Here’s brilliant ideas for you

Don’t toss those sheets just because they’ve been through the dryer-the fresh little squares can be used all over the house. From eliminating dust to fighting static, learn our favorite uses for dryer sheets.


1. Keep suitcases fresh

Not only can you use this tip in your drawers, but this trick is handy for keeping the contents of suitcases and backpacks fresh as well. Bonus: Stick a dryer sheet in your pet litterbox for a better scent! Even your pets will be happy.

2. Polish chrome

Instead of using harsh chemicals to clean your bathroom faucets and shower doors, a dryer sheet can do the trick. Used dryer sheets work wonders for removing watermarks on faucets, and a wet dryer sheet can clean soap scum on shower doors.

3. Get rid of deodorant marks

We all know that feeling: you try to swipe on some deodorant and end up getting it all over your shirt in the process. By balling up a dryer sheet — a used one works better — and rubbing the affected area, the stain will disappear in no time.

4. Air freshener (on fan)

Tape or pin the dryer sheet (scented) to a fan/air unit and have the breeze distribute the aroma around your desired room.

5. Dust off electronics

The softness of the dryer sheet easily wipes away the dust that builds up on electronic devices — computers, laptops, and TV — without damaging the surface.

6. Dust off ceiling fans

Cleaning ceiling fans can be a hard task, but you actually don’t need a ladder. Place a dryer sheet over a paint roller (one with a long handle), and wipe away the excess dirt on the ceiling fan with ease.


7. Clean blades of dirty scissors

From overuse, the blades of scissors get dirty quickly, making them less sharp. Try running a dryer sheet over the blades to help remove excess dirt and residue.

8. Clean up dirty markings on your wall

Rub marking on your wall (such as crayon) with a dampen dryer sheet.

9. Remove bugs from your car

Grab some dryer sheets when wiping off dead bugs from your car, whether that’s on the bumper or the windshield.

10. Clean an iron

Burnt cloth can get stuck beneath an iron and be hard to remove. Luckily, the dryer sheet is here to save the day. Warm your iron on low and gently rub the plate with a dryer sheet. Continue doing this until all grime and other particles are removed.

11. Remove lint and pet hair

Dryer sheets cling well onto lint and pet hair that might be left on furniture and clothes. Simply wipe the lint and pet hair off with a clean dryer sheet.


12. Make a firestarter

The next time you do laundry, be sure to save your dryer sheets and dryer lint. Take both materials and place them into a toilet paper tube. You’ll want to pinch the ends of the toilet paper tube so they don’t fall out. Then light up one end, and use it to start a fire. This is a great camping hack!

13. Clean stainless steel

To buff away fingerprints and smudges, simply wipe a dryer sheet over your stainless steel items, and they’ll look as good as new. This process is especially helpful for refrigerator handles and other appliances that are heavily used.

14. Remove soap scum

Nasty soap scum that exists on faucets can be really hard to remove. Soak the dryer sheet in water (or use with dish soap) and wipe away the soap scum.

15. Stop frizzy hair

Got an issue with frizzy hair or static cling? The next time you brush, layer a dryer sheet on top of your hair brush before going about your normal hair routine. This will help prevent cling.

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