Drink Warm Water With Unrefined Salt On An Empty Stomach For A Week! The Results Will Surprise You!

Drink Warm Water With Unrefined Salt On An Empty Stomach For A Week! The Results Will Surprise You!

We all try to avoid intake of an excessive amount of salt. However, there’s a little misunderstanding approximately the intake of salt. It’s not the point to avoid the salt, but to stick to a good salt. Most people use a refined salt that already lost the essential minerals. Rather than refined salt, we should use unrefined salt, that’s a great for digestion and detoxification.

In order to feel better and lead healthy life, this is the right wat to give your body the necessary salt.

All you need to do is to put 1/3 of unrefined salt in a ¼ size mason jar and then to fill the jar with a filtered water. After that, cover it with plastic storage cap, shake it and leave it for 24 hours. The next day you could add more salt. When the salt no longer dissolves, it’s ready. This concoction is known as Sole and it could be stored on a counter or in cupboard.

The next thing you should do is to consume the salt each morning as a breakfast, for 7 days in a row. You should make a solution from half a teaspoon Sole to 8oz glass water. Every time take it on an empty stomach. This will detoxify your system, while sets the stages for digestion and hydration.

Drinking saltwater on an empty stomach can do much more than this.

Prevents Headaches

Electrolyte imbalance is the main reason behind causing muscle pain and cramps. And Himalayan salt is packed with several minerals like sodium, potassium, calcium, and magnesium which work in unison to improve muscle contraction and relaxation. It also contains magnesium which is anti-inflammatory in nature and can relieve headaches.

Promotes Weight Loss

Drinking salt water on an empty stomach prevents fat accumulation and has very positive implications on the process of weight loss. It is packed with several minerals that can reduce cravings and stimulate bowel movement.

Better Sleep

Another surprising health benefits of drinking salt water is that it promotes better sleep by reducing the stress hormones adrenaline and cortisol. It is also packed with magnesium, which has antidepressant properties that reduce stress and anxiety, thus aiding better sleep by relaxing the nerves and muscles.

Oral Hygiene

This is no brainer. Several studies have shown that gargling with salt water every morning prevents the growth of unwanted bacteria in the mouth. It also reduces the risk of developing an upper respiratory tract infection and eliminates bad breath.

Boosts Energy Levels

Drinking saltwater gives your body a lasting boost of energy, making it a healthier alternative to your morning tea or coffee.

Improves Digestion

Salt water helps cure problems related to indigestion, including constipation and abnormal bloating. It also boosts food and water absorption, which in turn, helps in better absorption of nutrients and minerals in the body.

Boon For Your Skin

Drinking warm salt water can help you slow down the ageing process and prevent premature aging due to free radicals in the body. It is also loaded with zinc and iodine that keep acne and skin infections at bay!


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