Drink this to eliminate cholesterol and clean bloodstream. You can make this drink at home

Nowadays, many people are at high cardiovascular risk have pretty high cholesterol, which is the reason why to be removed and what better way than naturally , simple and inexpensive. The good news is this drink mentioned below can remove cholesterol and cleanse the bloodstream naturally

Chinese doctors had guarded the recipe of this powerful ancient remedy. Today that remedy has been shared around the world and many people are taking advantage to control this health problem.

This ancient Chinese remedy includes two combined powerful natural ingredients that reduce cholesterol, improve cardiovascular health, and incidentally serves to help those who are looking to lose weight.

The two ingredients are prepared in a concentrated infusion for its high purifying power, has the ability to remove waste substances from the body to prevent the development of several chronic health problems.

Of course, its main action exerted on the heart and circulatory system, improve circulation and cleanse the blood.

Here’s the recipe


– 1 liter of water
– 3 organic lemons medium
– 36 garlic cloves


– Step 1: Peel the garlic cloves 36 and cut into pieces, lemons Soak in water with a little vinegar, in order to disinfect them
– Step 2: After one hour, they removed from the water and cut into slices.
– Step 3: Put heat a liter of water. If has boiled, lower the heat and add the pieces of garlic and lemon slices.
– Step 3: Let simmer the mixture and remove before boiling.
– Step 4: When ready, allow to cool and put in the refrigerator overnight.


The next morning the treatment starts, you should take a cup after breakfast and again before dinner.

The results of taking this drink will begin to notice in the first few weeks; however, it is very important to maintain contact with your doctor to verify that there is a grip on this problem.

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