Don’t Take It Lightly, Yhis Is The Cause Of Left Abdominal Pain

Don’t Take It Lightly, Yhis Is The Cause Of Left Abdominal Pain

Left abdominal pain can be caused by various things. Starting from disorders of the kidneys, gas buildup, ovarian cysts, and other factors that are more severe. Whatever the cause, you need to immediately see a doctor in order to get the appropriate treatment.

Indigestion is a common factor that can cause stomach upset. This condition occurs because it is triggered by other factors, such as anxiety disorders, the food you eat, pregnancy, or other trigger factors.

Not only makes stomach ache, but indigestion can also cause flatulence and a burning sensation in the intestines. Not only indigestion, but there are also many other conditions that cause stomach upset to occur.

Ovarian Cysts

Quoting from The Healthy (, you can feel stomach pain due to ovarian cysts. Ovarian cysts are fluid-filled sacs in the ovaries that are located in the lower abdomen. You don’t experience any symptoms when the condition isn’t too severe.

However, when ovarian cysts are more serious, they can cause health problems. For example, dizziness, fever, and faster breathing. Ovarian cysts also not only cause stomach pain but can cause pelvic pain.

Kidney stones

The formation of kidney stones not only causes left abdominal pain but also makes the sufferer urinate frequently and a burning sensation appears when passing urine. To avoid kidney stones, try to drink water and avoid foods that are too salty.


Left abdominal pain can also be caused by colitis. Colitis is a condition in which the colon becomes inflamed. Colitis can occur due to infection, food poisoning, or an abnormal immune reaction in the colon.

Build-up of Gas

Everyday Health states that too much gas in the body can cause stomach upset. Generally, a person passes gas 14 to 23 times a day. There are several ways you can do so that the amount of gas in the body is not too much.

First, avoid consuming certain types of food. Bacteria in the intestine require more energy to digest some types of food. That is what makes the amount of gas increase. In addition, try to eat foods at a slower tempo.


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