Don’t love someone too much. You are creating these negative things for your relationship

Too much of anything is bad. Sometimes we are so much in love with a person that we fail to imagine a world without them. They become our topmost priority and we channelize all our energies towards making them happy. Our life revolves around them and we love them more than anybody or anything else in the world. That, at times, lead to us getting overprotective about them.

You must have unconditional love for your partner but make sure that you do not get overboard with affection. They should flourish under the shadow of your love and not feel suffocated because of it.

Here are 5 reasons why loving someone too much the love.

1. Leads to boredom

When you love someone too much and spend most of your time with them, the mystery and intrigue of your relationship dies. Over familiarity seeps in and soon you find you both do not have much to discuss about. The conversations will seem stretched and get dull. When you meet less frequently, you will realize you have a lot of things to discuss. Distance not only makes the heart grow fonder but it allows for some breathing space between two people.

2. Curbs their freedom

When we love someone too much, we tend to exercise some control over them. We do not want them to land themselves in any kind of trouble. Hence, we keep a check on their activities and guide them about their day to day activities. While we feel that we are protecting them from the external world, the fact remains it takes away their freedom. Willingly or unwillingly, they become dependent on us and feel they cannot do anything on their own.

3. They take you for granted

When your partner feels that you dote on them completely and are totally devoted to them, they can, consciously or subconsciously, take you for granted at times. They might be the most important person in your life but your value in their life might just start diminishing. They will start feeling you will continue to love them as much even if they do not give you enough attention. A certain distance is necessary for them to know the importance of your presence in their life.

4. Leads towards fights

You have the right to voice your opinion to your partner but you have surely do not have the authority to force it on them. What seems right to you may not seem correct to them. You must respect their opinion and let them be. Do not think of your opinion as the final word. You may be right but imposing your thoughts on them will lead to quarrels and fights between the two of you.

5. Suffocate the comfort zone

Everybody has a comfort zone in which they like to stay for a while. If you ask your partner to spend all their time with you, they might start feeling suffocated after a while because then, they will have to step out of their comfort zone and adjust to your surroundings. They have to adjust your surroundings. There is no escaping that. But, only when they are with you. They also so need to spend some time with their friends and relatives and be in a space they are familiar with.

6. Stifles your independence:

Independence is critical for growth. Lack of independence can occur, you intend to loose initiative as you end up asking for directives and what to do from your partner. This makes the partner sees you as a burden who don’t really the guts to do things.

7. No growth in the relationship

Too much love often leads to making the relationship stunted. Sometimes we fail to see what we have until we take the same for granted

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