Doing 100% of the Chores for Pregnant Wife, Exhausted Husband Finally Snaps Because She Did Nothing

A husband with the username fruitsnackk94 works a full-time job, but he still comes home to take care of his pregnant wife. He performs 100% of the chores around the house, all while his wife doesn’t do anything and just uses her phone all day.

One day, he was exhausted from work and said “no” to one of his wife’s requests; he got called out for saying no by his wife and his mother-in-law.

The husband posted his stressful story on the AITA subreddit – where people ask about their situations and if they did the right thing or not. Here’s his full story:

“Alrighty Reddit, here we go. My (29M) wife (27F) is 24 weeks pregnant and so far it has been a fairly easy pregnancy (according to her and her doctor, not making assumptions of course). I have done my best to be a good husband. I work full time, started doing all the chores (cooking/cleaning/pet care), and of course try my best to accommodate her cravings. She has been taking it easy and spends most of her day relaxing. She says she’s “never felt better.”

“Being completely honest, I’m starting to get a little burnt out. I love my wife and want her to be comfortable while pregnant but working full time and doing 100% of the chores is very draining. I recently had two separate conversations asking if she’d be willing to do a 80/20 chore split instead, but both times she got offended. She says that it would stress her out and possibly harm the baby, which scared me (I don’t want anything to happen to our baby), so of course I didn’t push it.

“Yesterday morning (2am) my wife woke me up and asked me if I could go to the store for fruit snacks. She was craving them badly. I have made many late nights runs but this week has been so stressful for me; I worked overtime the entire weekend and a deadline is approaching. I told her I was sorry but I really needed to rest, I was exhausted.

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“She did not like this answer. First she tried to beg more but I kept saying no. This went on for a half hour. Then she started crying and telling me what a shit husband I was being. She also said she’s “scared to see me as a father if this is how selfish I am.”

“I snapped at her. I told her I’ve been taking care of 100% of the responsibilities for the past 6 months. She’s been sitting on her phone every single day and hasn’t had to lift a finger. Then I said I was done doing 100% of the chores and we need a more even split because I was losing hair from stress. I will admit I had a tone and was obviously irritated. This caused her to cry more and she kicked me out to the couch.

“This has caused a huge rift between us. She was pissed at me the entire day and locked me out of the bedroom tonight. My MIL has texted me to call me an a**hole. They both said the stress I am putting on my wife will hurt the baby so now I feel super guilty. I need perspective.


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Source: Reddit

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