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Between constantly barking at nothing or eating their own vomit, dogs are known to have some pretty weird habits. But how can dog owners ever explain even a fraction of their pup’s strange habits? A few years ago, a woman named Kacy noticed that her dog kept intently staring out of the window. He would do this at least a few times a day, but she usually just chalked it up to him wishing to go out for a walk. However, when she finally realized that it was something in particular that had him so captivated, it changed everything she thought she knew about her beloved pet.

For almost a year, Kacy noticed that her dog would walk up to the same window at least three times a day and just stare intently. Kacy did not have a clue what could possibly hold her pup’s attention for so long, every day.

At first, she thought that he simply wanted to go outside, but every time she tried to take him out for a walk, he would pull away and return to the apartment window. It was strange behavior like she’d never seen before, and quite honestly, it began to worry her.

One afternoon, just out of the blue, her pup was acting depressed. He just sat on her bed all day, refused to eat anything, and did not peer out of the window even once. Even when she made attempts to comfort him, he would just shy away. What was going on?

This strange behavior was even more unusual for Kacy’s four-legged companion. That night, Kacy slept alongside her dog, hoping her company would cheer him up. She planned to take Kacy to the vet the next morning to see if there was anything physically wrong with him; she was deeply concerned that there was.

Thankfully, the next day, the vet gave her dog a clean bill of health. But when they returned home, Kacy’s dog, once again, walked past the window and into her bedroom. Finally, Kacy glanced out of the window herself and noticed something different.

Her neighbor had put up a bunch of houseplants in their window. Surely this couldn’t be what was making her pup so upset? As she was looking more closely at the plants, however, she finally caught a glance of what her pup was always so fixated on.

It was her neighbor’s cat. Her dog and the cat was staring at each other every day from across the street! Although cats and dogs are not usually very chummy with each other, these two clearly could not get enough of each other from afar. Kacy was amazed; her dog didn’t even like cats.

Even though Kacy had never spoken to her neighbor across the street before, she decided to handwrite them a note and explain the situation. It was her hope that as a fellow animal lover, they would understand her pup’s heartbreak and be willing to help.

Kacy put her all into the letter. Her dog was still moping around her apartment, but she was hopeful that it would not be for much longer. Would Kacy’s neighbor reciprocate the care even though the two were complete strangers?

The next morning, Kacy was ecstatic when she looked out her window and saw that her neighbor had not only removed the plants from the window, but they answer her letter with their own that read, “For True Love!”

You know, it’s not at all uncommon for cats and dogs to become best friends! You don’t have to look very far on the internet to find many examples of true love and friendship between cats and dogs.

Take a look at this cat and her goldern retriever’s best friend. These two are basically inseparable. They love spending their days together, napping and hanging out. They are even happy to pose with each other for their owner’s occasional photo shoots.

Every kitten should have a role model to look up to as they grow, and that role model does not always have to be an older cat. Take this pup and the kitten she is so patiently helping raise. Frisky kittens and patient older dogs are just a match made in heaven.

This Siamese Kitty says that one puppy to love isn’t nearly enough! Two dogs to cuddle with is double the love! Look how happy this kitty is to have made herself the center of a puppy sandwich.

This dog in Japan puts on performances with his owner on the streets almost every day. And his best friend happens to be a lovable stray cat who can’t wait to go up to his doggy friend and meow an eager “hello” every time his shades-wearing buddy hits the scene.

These two adorable snuggle bunnies are definitely made for each other. The dog’s name is Kodi, and the cat is Myshkin. Their strong bond formed when Myshkin was only 10-weeks-old. Kodi even overcame cancer at one point, and Myshkin was right by her friend’s side every step of the way.

Ruth, the cat, and Idgie, the dog, are two friends who understand how hard life can sometimes be. Together they were both abandoned by their previous owner, so they were adopted together! They’re named after the friends in the famous film Fried Green Tomatoes, and now these two buddies share a cozy forever home and bed together!

This cat, named Scout, had such a strong love for his dog friend Charlie, that it did not fade away after Charlie sadly passed away. Now, Scout watches videos of his old pal on the computer almost every night before bedtime. There aren’t many animal stories more heartwarming and heartbreaking than this.

No morning can ever truly start right until this Dalmatian gets a huge hug and kiss from his kitty best friend! Every day would be just a little better if before we left the house, we got a four-legged embrace like this lucky guy!

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