Doctor shares ‘dementia whiteboard’ one daughter wrote for her mother, and it goes viral

If you’ve ever witnessed the process of a loved one battling dementia, you’ll know just how horrible and unforgiving it can be.

The condition impairs a host of functions, including memory, communication, focus, reasoning, and visual perception, leaving sufferers a shell of their former selves, and making it extremely difficult for family and friends to connect with them.

Dr Philip Grimmer, of Wiltshire, UK, was on a visit to one of his patients who suffers from the disease when he came across something he decided he simply had to share.

It was a simple message of reassurance written on a whiteboard by the daughter of a woman who has dementia, but he was taken back by the potential impact it could have.

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“Words of reassurance left for an elderly lady with dementia by her daughter,” Dr Grimmer explained.

“A simple white board left in her sight line in her sitting room.  Helped to reduce constant anxious phone calls.” 

The instructions on the whiteboard read: “Your meals are paid for. You’re okay. Everyone’s fine. You are not moving. Keep drinking, it will help your memory. You don’t owe anyone any money. You haven’t upset anyone.”

It’s no surprise that Dr. Grimmer’s post on Twitter garnered plenty of attention, attracting over 40,000 likes and 7,000 retweets.

Speaking to the BBC, the doctor explained: “I’d not seen anything like it before in thousands of house visits. It’s caring, reassuring and sensible – it’s just such a simple idea.”

Indeed, the genius of the whiteboard lies in its simplicity, and it wasn’t long before other users on social media were sharing their own efforts to help their loved ones.

Users banded together to create a thread of likeminded methods employed to remind suffers of dementia that they’re okay and they don’t need to panic. It may sound simple, but it can go a long way to ensuring they feel secure and unalarmed.

We think this whiteboard is a fantastic idea, not only because of the message it sends but because of its ease of accessibility – it can be copied by anyone!

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