Do not wear flip flops, because they can damage your health without you even noticing!

Do not wear flip flops, because they can damage your health without you even noticing!

Flip flops are one of the most famous and convenient footwear in the world. They are a simple footwear that it comes in many different colors, and it has an interesting design which will often times make you trip, misstep or slip.

It is worth mentioning that flip flops do not provide any kind of support for your body.

The reasons why you need to stop wearing flip flops

They can weaken your joints and lower body muscles
Flip-flops can cause pain in your ankles and feet. By wearing them you can also experience stress fractures, tendonitis, spin splints, and heel aches. If you wear them often, you might end up dealing with plantar fasciitis.

When you are walking on hard surfaces, you will expose the foot ligaments to constant pulling, which means that your foot does not get any support.

1. Higher risk of tripping

Because of the Y-shaped strap, wearing flip-flops provides you with virtually zero stability. This means that you have a higher risk of tripping and slipping with flip-flops than you have with any other footwear. There are many doctors that report that they had patients with injuries and sprained ankles that were caused by wearing this type of footwear.

2. Damaging habit

Because flip-flops do not have laces or straps, it means that they cannot be fastened, which means that they can be easily slipped off. In order to avoid this and keep them on your feet, you need to take shorter and smaller steps, while crunching your toes. This is a very bad habit because, in the long run, it can lead to knee and hip aches.

3. Blisters

Flip flops will cause blisters, especially in cases where you have not worn them in a long time. These blisters will appear between your toes. When the blisters appear, you will not be able to walk properly, and they can burst into awful cuts and sores, making them an ideal environment for numerous bacteria to grow.

4.Pressure on your posture

Flip flops will harm the structure of your bones and body, because of the fact that they don’t offer any support. If you are dealing with back pain, you need to stop wearing this type of footwear. You need to find a fitting footwear instead, which will be able to support the posture of your body and protect your joints.

5. Find your best footwear

You can wear closed-toe shoes. These shoes will support your back and by wearing them you will have almost no chances of tripping. What is more, you will no longer deal with dirty feet.

But, in case that you cannot give up your flip flops, you can always choose the ones that have a little curve in the heel. This type of flip flops will enable you to walk better, and it will also significantly reduce the risk of injuries.


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