Deputy takes on internet dance challenge and wins with his slick moves

When you think of the phrase “fun police”, you may think of someone trying to shut down a good time.

It’s the kind of title you normally give to someone who likes to impose rules or be controlling while everyone else is trying to live their best lives.

We all know somebody like this. We’ve all had to tolerate a sheriff of the fun police trying to arrest us on charges of “having too much fun”.

BUT, What if when we say fun police, we mean police that are fun?

Here’s one Police Officer who wants to prove that he is both fun, and a member of the police force. In fact this recruitment video is out to prove just that!

The Gitup challenge is the root’nest, toot’nest challenge out there, and Police Departments all over the US are stepping up to the dance floor to strut their stuff.

Blanco Brown’s “Git Up Song” gets brought to life with one or more of these fine badge-weilding-boot-tappers in the new viral challenge.

This particular (hunky) officer is Deputy Estrada of the Bexar County Police department, Texas.

And he’s kickin’ his heels for the recruiting team.

That’s the kind of swarthy look that earns you comments like –

“My 70th Bday is coming up in Sept , are you available ?? ❤

The Youtube comment board is overflowing with appraisals of this man’s good looks. Maybe he didn’t even need to dance to make this video viral!

“Oh my ! He’s so freaking handsome and can dance what a combination and looks sweet in uniform hmmm😍❤❤❤

Obviously the fact that he can dance is what adds to his dreaminess. Let’s see what he’s got!

What better way to start a dance routine than with a “B-boy stance”?

With his arms crossed like that, is he about to start break-dancing? I don’t know about you but I’d pay good money to see an officer of the law do a head-spin.

What Estrada breaks out next however, is even better when he kicks into doing what he does best.

You can see why they chose a good-looking officer as drenched in swagger as Deputy Estrada!

It would be easy enough to do a boring country-style dance, but that’s not the case with the shoulder dippin’ contemporary moves our man involves!

It also helps that while Blanco Brown’s “Git Up Song” is essentially a country song, it has an upbeat hip-hop style drum machine in the background too!

Estrada steps perfectly in time to the beat, and keeps a cool and calm demeanour the whole time.

He’s got a steady swagger that earns him all those heart emojis! Maybe there’s another career for a sure-stepping fellow such as this if the front-line ever gets old.

He makes it seem so easy!

With a hat-tippin’ pose like this he could be doing a good ol’ fashioned barn dance.

Our officer here clearly has no trouble stepping through his moves with absolute ease.

Every move Deputy Estrada makes is not only perfectly on time, but made with a fun-loving, casual grin. It’s clear that he loves his job…

That’ll be why they chose him to recruit!

Well, after watching Deputy Estrada strut his stuff, I have only one question:

Where do I sign up?
I’d say this recruitment video is highly effective! Estrada proves that being a Police Officer doesn’t mean having to sign up to the Fun Police too.

He really is an example of police being fun!

Watch the full video below to really experience Estrada’s swagger. I dare you not to tap them toes!

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