Delaware Beach Town Creatively Overrides Nativity Scene Ban

Usually at this time of year, Rehoboth Beach, Delaware is not busy making news. However, this year, the residents and business owners of this popular Summer vacation destination are in the news for their creative response to a city-wide ban on displaying the nativity scene on public property.

Immediately after the ban went into effect, local business owners and residents added nativity scenes to their lawns and storefronts. However, one Rehoboth resident is bucking the system in a most unusual way. Wander down the main drag these days and you will likely see a red pick-up truck parked in plain view with a creche displayed on its bed.

According to the Cape Gazette, Mike Pichola has been moving his truck with a nativity scene in the back around Rehoboth Avenue since before Thanksgiving.

The Picholas recently took up permanent residence in the charming beach resort town but they have owned property there for years. As devout Christians, they shared many residents’ disgust at the recent ban on displaying the creche near the boardwalk at the popular bandstand in the middle of town. So Mike and Pam Picholas took their nativity scene on the road.

Mike moves the truck several times a day so that he can comply with the local parking restrictions but it always winds up parked along Rehoboth Avenue for all to see.

Pam said it’s like Elf on the Shelf, “We’ve been moving it around every day.”

So far, the Picholas have received positive feedback in regard to their unusual approach.

Good News! The Knights of Columbus Nativity has found a new home at Grotto Pizza.

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