Dear men, do not ask girl these questions because she might hate you

Dear men, do not ask girl these questions because she might hate you

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Dear men, don’t ask the girl these questions because she might hate you

When you first meet a girl, you will want to ask her a series of questions to get to know her better. But gentlemen, tread carefully when approaching these questions. Because you will ask her some questions and she will immediately turn you down.

Here are nine questions to ask a lady in the early stages of your relationship.

1. Can we still be friends even though you know you have a boyfriend?

If you really simply have some desire to be mates, then at that point, this question confirms itself. It will indeed make you look less attractive, however, in the case of all you need to be companions, it shouldn’t make any difference to you anyway.

2. How old are you?

This is certainly not a terrible question to ask a lady who appears to be under 25-27, however much younger than you. However, if you ask a woman in her 30s and 40s this question, she may become self-conscious. It may be smarter to allow this one to feel until you get to know each other better.

3. Are you working?

Even if the woman doesn’t have an engineering degree or doesn’t work as a doctor, she has a good job. Don’t devalue women.

4. Can’t you cook?

Since we have X chromosomes does not imply that we need to spend half our lives in the kitchen preparing food. Women are not required to cook if they don’t want to.

5. Is it okay if I kiss you?

Asking her whether or not you should kiss her is generally a bad idea. Just kiss her unexpectedly. She will agree to it if she likes you.

6. Are you a virgin?

Refined men, If you really have no desire to be crushed, then at that point, don’t even for a second consider this inquiry, not to mention express it without holding back. What difference does it make whether or not we have been sexual before? This should have no impact on your life, let alone the lives of others.

7. Will you visit me at home?

Why will you request that a woman come to see you while you are the man, surely she will start thinking that you have an agreement to do something to her.

8. It has been 5 months after giving birth, but why does your stomach feel like you are pregnant?

9. A man should not ask a woman how many men she has slept with because it shows insecurity.,,

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