Dear Lady, Here Are 5 Things You Should Never Tell Or Ask A Man.

Dear Lady, Here Are 5 Things You Should Never Tell Or Ask A Man.

Dear Lady, Here Are 5 Things You Should Never Tell or Ask a Man.

Certain words and phrases should never be said to a man by a woman. Make sure you don’t get involved in any fights or fights by keeping your lips closed in specific cases. Be aware of these six things you should never say to your lover to avoid making a catastrophic mistake.

1. How many sexual partners you’ve had.

Trust us, he doesn’t need to know this information. Here’s why: if you’ve only had a few sexual partners, he may wonder if you’ll be tempted to stray later in the relationship. If the number is too high” and who knows what that arbitrary number might be (no, don’t ask him!)”. If he asks, just smile mysteriously and reply something like “Enough to know how great you are! Don’t let your behavioral ex-girlfriend influence your current relationship

2. Anything about your ex-boyfriend or ex-husband.

If he asks for details, say as little as possible. Never volunteer any information about an ex” can only lead to feelings of inadequacy, suspicion, and a host of other feelings, none of them good. Don’t talk about where your ex worked, the restaurants he liked to go to, “even his name, if you can help it. Keep the past in the past.

3. Don’t disrupt his enthusiasm.

If you are excited about something, try not to be negative about it. It would be the worst thing to say about his team, for example, if he were watching soccer and they were losing.

4. Never, ever compare your sweetheart to your ex-boyfriend.

There is nothing wrong with talking about an ex-lover, no matter how rich or poor he is. Whether he already has female friends or not, do you want him to introduce you to them as well? In my opinion, that’s disgusting. So if you want to stay out of trouble, don’t make this mistake.

5. Anything negative about his $ sexual prowess.

This applies to size, technique or stamina. It will haunt you forever. Do not criticize his manhood in any way “he will never forget it, even if he never brings it up again.,

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