Dancers turn up heat with spellbinding high kick routine

Get ready, because this is no ordinary high school dance team.

When the Emerald Belles took the floor at the Showmakers of America Dance Competition – it didn’t take long for them to hypnotize the crowd.

After all, they’re an award-winning troupe from Texas with skills you don’t see every day.

The video below features their astonishing routine from the competition that’s set the internet ablaze.

You’ll soon realize why it’s been watched more than 1.8 million times online (and counting)!

Every school has its own traditions. At Carroll Senior High in Southlake, Texas they have the Emerald Belles, a super-sized dance team made up of talented high-kickers.

According to their website, the troupe’s made numerous accomplishments over the past two decades with the help of their Director, Melissa Page.

They’ve won dance titles from state to international, performed on cruise ships, and have even appeared on television (including AGT).

The Emerald Belles will leave you captivated. Just ask anyone who’s witnessed the high-kick performance that took place at the Showmakers Competition.

Dressed in matching navy blue outfits, the team’s dozens of members began by laying down in an inverted-triangle formation.

Their routine was created with the inspiration of Daft Punk music, as well as the Tron films.

Once the space-like sounds filled the room the ladies went into action.

The Emerald Belles work together in a synchronized fashion, yet create flow in their routines that’s mesmerizing to the eye.

Each member moves flawlessly, but as a group, it creates a look from above that leaves people awestruck.

Just wait until you check out the dance troupe’s high kick skills.

The flexibility, balance, and strength of the Emerald Belles dancers is impressive, to say the least – especially as you watch them move in a coordinated fashion.

But as to be expected, there’s a lot of dedication and hard work that goes on behind the scenes.

According to the site, the team members have a vigorous schedule that includes practicing before school, occasionally after, then also on weekends and over holidays.

This is all done while keeping a “high academic standard.”

With so many dancers in their troupe, it’s almost like watching a kaleidoscope.

In the performance below, the Emerald Belles form shapes as they dance and create illusions with their motions. It’s a highly-energized routine that pairs well with the genre of music.

The video (which is credited to Curtis L. Harnagel) perfectly captures the scene from a higher view, which adds to it being so striking.

There’s no stopping the Emerald Belles. They’re even considered “one of the largest drill teams in the country” with 80-100 dancers at a time.

On their website, they point out something else that makes the group so extraordinary.

“One special fact that makes this team stand out is Mrs. Page fosters an environment of Positivity.

She believes in empowering her girls to become leaders and teaches them to embrace the differences among the team.

This Power of Positivity message the Mrs. Page has fostered over this past 20 years has not only proven to be successful on the field but she has built an alumni network of over 10,000 women.”

It’s a dance performance that’s won over the internet.

You can watch The Emerald Belles for yourself by pressing play below!

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