Daddy and twin daughters strut their stuff in newest internet dance challenge

Alrighty, folks! It’s time for another “Git Up Challenge” performance that’s sure to have you grinning from ear to ear.

In the video below, a dad and his munchkin twin daughters put on their western gear for a little ‘cowboy boogying’ to the beat.

Whether you’re familiar with the viral dance or not – it’s undeniably entertaining to watch.

The Git Up Challenge is a trend that calls for people from all over to participate, and like Blanco Brown says, “have a good time!”

We’ve seen everyone from pregnant mamas to police officers upload submissions of themselves dancing to “The Git Up.”

It doesn’t matter what your age, profession, or dance level is either. Just as long as you let loose and attempt the fun moves that go along with Blanco Brown’s popular track.

This daddy and his baby girls, Tessa and Emma, were ready to show they had “Git Up” skills too!

If you didn’t know, the song is actually considered a country-rap, which is what makes it so unique.

The moves and lyrics make you think of line dancing, all while being mixed with a fresh and funky beat.

All this to say, the trio made sure to wear their country gear for their performance.

Dad also brought along his plastic cup so that he could actually, “take a sip with it” at the appropriate moments.

With the tune playing in the background, the family goes to town in a synchronized fashion.

It’s adorable to watch them as they two-step, dip, and slip and slide – all in the coolest room ever.

Wanna know a fun fact? The song title was actually inspired by memories of Blanco’s grandmas from when he was little, who used to wake up the household yelling, “Git up!”

The singer told Billboard:

“You had to get outside and be productive, find purpose and enjoy and just celebrate as a kid.”

One of the best parts about The Git Up Challenge is the fact that it’s bringing people together.

Being that there are quite a few moves in the routine, you can only imagine how much time some participants put into learning them.

Yet, that’s the beauty of it. We’ve seen coworkers bond and loved ones too, as they let go of inhibitions and dance as a group.

This cowboy dad probably enjoyed every second learning “The Git Up” with his twin daughters, Tessa and Emma. Surely, the feelings were mutual.

But are they any good? Oh yes, they are! I don’t know how long they practiced but they’ve got their routine down pat.

It doesn’t matter how many of these submissions you’ve seen – each one is unique and manages to brighten your day.

I mean, how could you not enjoy watching a barefoot dad dance with his babies? Hopefully, he pulls out the video right before they head off to prom!

By no surprise, the internet has been applauding their performance as well.

It’s been viewed nearly 300,000 times to date – which isn’t too shabby for a trio of dancers just having fun.

Someone wrote:

“Awwww fabulous memories, love the dancing, y’all did a great job, and live your best life, great examples of love and fun.”

This comment was left too:

“Absolutely Adorable, by far best “Git Up” I’ve seen! Great work Dad and your daughters are beautiful and talented!”

Press play below to enjoy their dance for yourself! Do you think you’ll be next?

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