Dad Gives Up Son For Adoption, Learns Decades Later That They’ve Worked Side by Side For Years

A man of Chippewa Falls, Wisconsin, was adopted shortly after his birth, found out that his work buddy was actually his biological father.

Nathan Boos had a happy childhood when he was growing up. While Nathan knew that he was adopted, he never asked his adoptive parents who his biological family was. However, eventually he found happiness working for a nearby truck company where Nathan became friends with one of his coworkers, Robert Degaro. Nathan and Robert spent a lot of time together, eventually following one another on Facebook. It was from Facebook that Nathan’s mother made a startling discovery.

One day, when looking through Nathan’s Facebook page, his mom saw that he was friends with Robert. She approached Nathan and revealed that Robert was actually his biological father. The adoptive mom told him how his biological mother asked her to adopt him shortly after he was born. While loving Nathan very much, his biological mom knew that she would never be able to meet the financial obligations of caring for a young boy. Since the two were distant cousins, Nathan’s biological mom knew that he would be raised in a loving home.

After Nathan heard his adoptive mom’s story, he looked dumbfounded at Robert’s profile picture, realizing that he had become friends with his biological father two years ago. Nathan and Robert says to CBS News that they are working on their new familial relationship one mile at a time. With a big smile on his face, Robert confessed that it is a very strange situation. The new dad says that while he is Nathan’s father, he’s still figuring out how to act as he wasn’t part of Nathan’s childhood.


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