Childless Man Confused When Cop Pulls Him Over For Not Having Baby In Car Seat

Childless Man Confused When Cop Pulls Him Over For Not Having Baby In Car Seat – Then He Sees His Wife

Telling your husband he is going to be a daddy is quite a big deal. More moms are starting to get really creative with how they share their exciting news. Nikk Rock was no exception. She wanted to do something different that was completely outside the box. So she asked the local police and staged a truly special car ride.

She decided she wanted to get the Hurst Police Department involved and they agreed.

She knew it would be something her husband wouldn’t expect.

The couple was driving along one day when a police officer pulled them over.

Her husband was driving and he had no idea why the cop would be stopping them. He started fidgeting with the settings on the radio and his wife told him to relax. As the police officer approached the car, the couple then realized that they knew him. Even though that was the case, her husband didn’t seem to calm down much.

After the officer and driver talked for a little while, the police officer got down to business. He said: “I gotta be honest. The reason why I stopped you is you have a child in the car with no child seat.” He then pointed to an empty backseat and sure enough, there was no car seat back there. Then again, there wasn’t a child back there!

Nikk’s husband goes on to explain that he doesn’t have a child.

The officer asks him over and over if he is sure. As he is asking, he nods towards Nikk. She was sitting in the passenger seat and was holding up a pregnancy test. Finally, Nikk’s husband looks toward her. She tells him that they do have a baby in the car and it’s not in a car seat. She was so excited when she told him!

Suddenly, he realized what was taking place and he smiled from ear to ear. He held the pregnancy test in his hand for a while, unable to believe what he was seeing. The police officer said: “I think that means you’re a daddy, buddy”. His partner then gave them a present for their little surprise. It was a teddy bear that told the father that the baby was due on his birthday.

The couple laughed and kissed because they were so excited about what was taking place. It’s a unique way to tell a very old story.,

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