Can a Man Slєєρ With a Woman Without Developing Feelings? – Here’s The Truth

Can a Man Slєєρ With a Woman Without Developing Feelings? – Here’s The Truth

Can a man slєєρ with a woman without developing feelings?

Of course they can.

So think of it like this…

When you go to the toilet and do your business, do you develop feelings for the toilet?

Probably not.

Oh, just kidding! In fact, I can tell you, as a guy, that it’s actually something men often take PRIDE in.

It’s about conquests, and slєєρing with women is just another notch on their belt that they can brag about to their buds.

Yes, it’s sad.

But, there’s a big BUT in all of this, though.

Men typically don’t develop feelings, BUT it’s because they’ve been conditioned to believe they have none.

And people don’t dare speak it out.

Because it threatens the familiar and established ways in which men slєєρ around to derive their sense of ‘self-worth’ and rank themselves amongst peers.

How Do You Know He Just Wants to Slєєρ With You?

1. He’s instantly ready to sleep with you

Here’s one of the easiest ways to tell if a man is using you. He’ll jump into bed with any woman right away, no questions asked.

Men that aren’t serious will have no boundaries when it comes to $єx.

They will take any opportunity that crosses their path to fuel, what I believe to be, a misguided sense of self-worth.

So if you’re looking for a guy to connect with emotionally, you might want to consider passing on this type of man.

2. He doesn’t care to get to know you

Another tell-tale sign that he’ll slєєρ with women without developing feelings, is the LACK of effort he’ll make to truly know you as a person.

He’ll keep things surface level and detached.

On the flip-side, players can be socially skilled and will mimic what resembles being curious about you, so watch out for those signs.

3. His focus is set on getting you in bed

If every other thing he does or says is related to steering you towards his or your bedroom, then he just wants to slєєρ with you.

These men’s weakness is often their impatience, so you can easily identify them by suggesting you meet again.

If he’s a man who develops feelings, he’ll be up for it.

If he leaves at this point or pushes even harder to slєєρ with you tonight, then he’s not serious about his emotions towards women.

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