Bull has been imprisoned his whole life – performs freedom dance after he was set free

“Life is as dear to a mute creature as it is to man. Just as one wants happiness and fears pain, just as one wants to live and not die, so do other creatures.” – Dalai Lama XIV

Bandit the bull spent his entire life locked to a pole, tied up, and can be seen confined to a small space in the corner of a building. Can an animal get used to this kind of treatment?

Is it because they can’t communicate with us that they are doomed to experience this kind of life?

“We’re not trying to end meat or start a panic. But there’s a decent way to raise animals for food, and this is the farthest thing from it,” said Sarah to Rolling Stone.

This viral video was posted last August 22, 2014 and is still being shared until today. With more than 30 million views, it has touched the hearts of many worldwide.

Bandit only knew how to live in an enclosed space, not able to move freely, run, and to even see what the sky looks like.

Some people in the farming industry might think that “it’s okay,” but it’s not.

We can see just how sad Bandit’s eyes were until this man with a red shirt from Gut Aiderbichl came up to him and touched him.

Bandit then licks the man, sensing that he has a good heart. We can see just how excited Bandit was as the man frees him.

For a second, Bandit can’t believe what had happened! He slowly walked and even turning to his neighbors who were still chained.

Then, he jumps!

His actions were proof that bovines, just like every animal in this world, can communicate and can feel.

He felt the hay on his face, he leaped, and he ran – Bandit was doing his freedom dance, and it was beautiful!

Bandit was then taken to Gut Aiderbichl animal sanctuary by Christian, and as soon as the door of the vehicle was opened, Bandit’s eyes lit up! He immediately ran, and he leaped again!

Bandit is now happy and free!

We can also see just how grateful Bandit was. He went up to Christian, and he rested his head on his legs as if to say “thank you”.

He was able to show us just what he felt, no words needed.

His actions were enough to touch the hearts of millions and to show us that they too, deserve to have a better life.

According to studies, dairy cows and cattle are more sensitive than we think.

In the same year of 2014, Daniel Weary, an applied animal biologist at the University of British Columbia, and his colleagues actually explained how a cows’ brain can be permanently transformed as a result of early life trauma.

From being separated from their mothers to getting hot-iron dehorning – these animals are being traumatized.

“It’s important to provide a good quality of life for them at an early age, not just in terms of their immediate ability to enjoy life, but also in terms of the long-term effects that we have on these animals,” says Weary.

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