Brotherly Secrets and Unexpected Confessions.


One day, two young brothers in Rome, aged 12 and 14, came home with a 20 and 50 euro note.

Their mother asked them where they got all that money from.

“Well, we were standing outside the brthel when a guy left,” said the 12-year-old.

“We told him that we knew where he had been, so he asked us not to reveal anything and gave us 20 euros.”

“Then we followed the man,” said the other boy,

“and when he came to his house we told him that now we also knew where he lived. Then he gave us another 50 euros and begged us to keep quiet.”

“That’s truly awful behaviour,” the mother replied.

“You really should be ashamed of yourselves and feel sorry for the man. Off you go to confession in the church.”

The boys did what they were told and went to the Church, to confess and atone before the priest.

After a while they came back with 100 euros, because now they also knew where the man worked!

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