Bride Is Confused As To Why Groom Is Holding Up The Ceremony As He Points Towards The Balcony

Groom Surprises Everyone By Suddenly Turning Around, Leaves Everyone Speechless

For most brides, planning a wedding ceremony takes a lot of work. The stress of the big day can cause many brides to fall apart, so it is reasonable to think that every bride wants their day to go as planned. So when this bride below realized that her man was trying to delay their ceremony, she became very upset.

The ceremony began and she walked down the aisle, greeted her husband with a smile and both were ready to exchange their wedding vows. ​

But then he told her to look up towards the balcony. When she saw what her husband and her students had prepared, she knew that this was worth the delay!

Suddenly, out of the blue, about 30 children on the balcony start to sing at length. They sing the beautiful lyrics of Christina Perri’s “A Thousand Years”. This is a very important song to her. Liz slowly begins to realise what is happening and the look on her face is completely priceless. Then something else was waiting for her.

Miss Liz, the bride, is an instructor at a theater and dance place known as the Jaykays Dance Company, located in Warwickshire, UK. She is quite loved by her students and she loves them all just as much! Her students were just as thrilled to hear the news that Ollie had popped the big question to Liz. They were eager to celebrate with the two of them!

Luckily, Ollie knew that Liz’s students meant a lot to her. So he organized something in secret- a tribute that would be performed during the ceremony.

Tears of Happiness

Liz was already very tense throughout the day and she hoped that everything would go according to plan. With the excitement of the emotional day, Liz immediately bursts into tears when she sees what is going on. She sees the children, can’t catch her breath and brings a handkerchief to her face as she tries to process everything.

It is clearly an overwhelming moment for her. Ollie takes his wife into his arms with affection and kisses her on the forehead. This was the moment she saw who the children really were.

The video was captured by Van Rensburg Wedding Film and they posted it on their YouTube channel. The video went viral and got 6M views.

Check out the video of Liz getting sweet surprise below.,

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