Bride and dog tear up floor with performance to “Footloose”

We all know how weddings unfold.

It is a celebration of love and life, and we can all expect to have a great time as we join the newlyweds in welcoming a new chapter in their lives.

Sometimes, we might even find weddings predictable because we all have an idea of what’s going to happen.

However, one wedding proved how this already special occasion can become even more spectacular!

You’ll never guess what the bride did that made the guests extra joyful and excited.

Sara Carson Devine is a dog trainer, but she is not just any other trainer.

She used to be a part of the show America’s Got Talent where she wowed everyone by showing off what her trained dog, Hero, can do.

They were a really great duo who gave unforgettable entertainment!

Just this year, Sara married her fellow dog trainer John Devine.

Their wedding was amazing, but one of the most unforgettable highlights was the bridal dance.

It was quite a unique dance because Sara grooved on the dance floor with no other than her “best dog”, Hero!

Dancing to the tune of Kenny Loggins’ iconic song “Footloose”, the dog and bride duo gave an awesome performance that absolutely stunned the guests!

Sara was having fun as she directed Hero, The Super Collie, who in turn gave a n extraordinary show.

They were energetically dancing together and Hero’s tricks were sensational!

Sara is certainly a great trainer and the way she moves with Hero is totally amazing.

The dog does a superb move one after another, Guests were thrilled to see the unique show that is definitely not found in other weddings.

At one point, Sara even had Hero jump on her back and hop back on the ground afterwards.

Their chemistry and friendship is completely evident in the way they move around one another.

Hero is undoubtedly Sara’s best friend and their great talents combined are gorgeous.

Despite wearing her wedding gown, Sara still made it effortless to move around with the lively and talented canine.

She nailed the performance and really gave her wedding guests something to remember.

Hero, on the other hand, was twirling, hopping through Sara’s linked arms and dancing like there’s no tomorrow.

Everyone watching was in awe. Sara and Hero’s friendship is definitely a great foundation that led them to create such a fun and lively performance.

This lovely and talented dog trainer from Ontario, Canada taught a beautiful lesson just by having fun with her amazing canine pal.

It is the fact that men and dog can totally be best friends.

Hero’s beautiful performance was like a gift that Sara opened not just for herself as a bride, but also for the guests who were there to witness the dog’s fun and unforgettable performance!

Sara joined the 12th season of America’s Got Talent together with her friend, Hero the Super Collie, and ended up bagging the fifth place in the competition.

As a dog trainer, Sara has been in the field for about 12 years and she has opened her own dog training facility.

Enjoy their awesome performance in full in the video below.

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