Black couple who adopted white twins reveal strangers accuse them of K.I.D.N.A.P.P.I.N.G the children

Black Pennsylvania couple accused of kidnapping their adopted white kids

Black couple who adopted white twin boys reveal strangers accuse them of KIDNAPPING the children and say they have been pulled over by cops ‘countless times’ while driving as a family

Jennifer, an early learning specialist and co-owner of a childcare program, and Harry, a mechanic, described racist episodes they have experienced as the black parents of white children.

Jennifer said the family have been pulled over by cops ‘countless times’ and strangers often treat them with suspicion,

adding: ‘A lady had been watching us playing [at the playground] and when one of the twins had a tantrum she told me she was going to call the cops.

The couple, who started fostering in 2009, first experienced the challenges of a transracial adoption when they adopted Keenan, who is also white, in 2016.

But they said that it was more intense adopting the twins in the aftermath of George Floyd’s murder and at the height of the Black Lives Matter movement.

But the couple insisted that they would not let race affect their decision to give a home to children in need of one.

Jennifer McDuffie-Moore, 43, and her husband, Harry Moore, 37, took in 3-year-olds Brayden and Trevor as foster children after they were separated at birth from their biological mother, who suffered from drug a.d.d.i.c.t.i.o.n, South West News Service reported.

Two years later, the Collingdale couple officially adopted the twins, who joined the couple’s biological children, Joy, 21, and Kourtney, 11, and their adoptive kids, Keenan, 10, and Sanchez, 8, according to the news outlet.

The couple also said they’ve been pulled over by police while driving in their minivan.

In one episode, a cop interrogated them about two white foster girls in the vehicle.

“We were coming back from a family outing from Delaware and we got pulled over,” Jennifer told SWNS.

“We had our children and two little strawberry blond girls who we were fostering with us and the first thing the cops asked my husband was, ‘Whose kids are those?’ And he wasn’t kind about it,” she said.

Harry said the officer claimed he had pulled them over because the minivan’s windows were too dark.

“But we knew why he pulled us over,” he said.

The couple said they can’t imagine their family without the twins,

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