Best Man S.t.e.a.l.s Bride From Groom After Confessing Love In His Wedding Speech.

Best Man S.t.e.a.l.s Bride From Groom After Confessing Love In His Wedding Speech.

A woman has revealed she married her ex-husband’s best man after he declared his love for her in his congratulatory speech during her first wedding.

Well, such was the case for Desiree White, 32, who ultimately divorced her husband to marry her lifelong friend and the best man at her wedding, Bryant, after he confessed his undying love for her while toasting her nuptials to his then-best friend.

First there’s love, then there’s marriage, and then there’s the best man stealing the bride away from the husband during the wedding.

Desiree White, 32, from Illinois, and her ex-husband tied the knot in 2010 with one of their mutual friends, Bryant White, joining them for their big day. And he revealed his everlasting love for her while toasting her nuptials to his then-best buddy.

He remarked that he remembered the first time he met Desiree, he fell in love with her. He fell head over heels in love with her. He had a feeling she had to be his. He thought she was the most gorgeous girl he had ever seen in his life, White, from Illinois, said of Bryant’s best man’s speech at her 2010 wedding.

She’s the nicest individual he ever met, he remarked. He never met anyone like her before. Then he found out she already had a boyfriend, and he felt he had to find a method to get her, but then he met [White’s ex-husband] and they became friends,” she remembered. White’s former spouse’s identity is unknown.

After, a wave of awkwardness then overcame the room, she remembered, saying, “Everyone was kind of laughing — and then it got quiet.”

And she was admittedly “confused” by Bryant’s confession, most notably due to the staunchly platonic nature of their yearslong friendship.

White expressed that Bryant and she met each other in class at secondary school. She had a sweetheart at that point and, therefore, she truly won’t talk to anyone else.

Bryant recognised the youngster as someone who had the same lunch slot as him after she showed him a picture of her then-beau. Soon after, the three forged an unbreakable relationship.

Desiree claims she even set Bryant up on dates as he had been unlucky in love.

She claims to have never had any feelings for him while with her first husband.

Desiree recounts that Bryant had a few too many drinks and even before she walked up the aisle, was stunned by how beautiful she looked on the day of her first wedding.

However after under a year,

her marriage started self-destructing in light of the fact that her then-spouse had taken on what she called “a very surprising way of life.” She was going through a downturn, and afterward she remembered all that Bryant told her.

Bryant offered her emotional support and one day after they met up, kissed her before vowing to always be there for her.

Desiree and Bryant then got married in 2012 and have now welcomed four sons.

The mother-of-four said she has never been happier despite the ‘very big mess’ she has had to overcome.,,

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