Are you convinced that you are cooking healthy food and yet you don’t loose any weight? Here’s why!

Yes, cooking and eating at home is better than eating outside, but not if you are making these cooking mistakes. These could actually hamper your weight loss goals.

Have you decided to start cooking at home to a avoid eating outside? That’s a great first step to healthy eating. For those looking to do weight loss, cooking at home is highly recommended. After all, eating restaurant food frequently can cause massive health problems like infections, diabetes, cancer, weight gain and others because of the cooking ingredients and methods used. When you cook at home, you are more in control of your diet because you know for sure what you use and you are also more hygienic. But what exactly you are cooking and how you are cooking can make a huge impact on the nutritional value of food and its calorific content. These are some of the most common mistakes you could be making while making food at home

Mistake #1: Cooking with too much oil!

Olive oil is certainly the healthiest and best for cooking at home, but one teaspoon contains 125 calories. While that might not sound like much, if you cook with it remember there is always an alternative. Because we said that we cook healthy food, frying vegetables always requires adding a lot of oil, so if you don’t want that to happen to you, steam the vegetables then slighty fry them with a few drops of olive oil.

Mistake #2: A slave to recipies!

If you lose confidence in your own culinary skills, it can lead to strictly sticking to recipies. But, if you stick to the listed ingredients blindly, you could lose the opportunity to serve yourself with a fun trick. For example, if the recipies says that you need to use cream, replace it with avocado sauce or Greek yogurt instead. This simple trick will reduce the number of calories that you consume without losing the desired flavor of the dish and its texture.

Mistake #3: Excessive servings!

We all know how important the assessment of food portions are, but often at the end of the working day we don’t pay attention to how much food we have in a portion or how many calories we have in each meal. Your “hungry eyes” can add hundreds of hidden calories to a completely healthy meal. To stop it from happening to you, before you eat a meal, consider how much salt you add, the amount of parmesan you top the vegetables with or how many calories you will consume with the beshamel sauce that you put onto your steak.

Mistake #4: You taste meals while preparing them!

All of us taste food while cooking to check for seasoning, consistency, texture and spiciness. Some of us can’t help but nibble while cooking because we can get hungry while cooking! All of this can lead you to pile on extra calories. Keeping your tasting to a minimum and make it a point not to keep any snacks around while you are cooking.

Mistake #5: Leaving food scraps for “later”!

Dinner was delicious, your full and you know that you’ve had enough until the next day. Most often deviate from this when they go to the kitchen to wash dishes and when they say how delicous everything was, so they want to eat some more again. You will only help yourself by knowing how much is enough and you will prepare a certain amount of food so you don’t have to finish eating it again later.

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