An Old Man From Texas Do A Little Traveling. –


There was this old man from Texas who decided to do a little traveling and when he got as far north as Kansas City he was feeling pretty horny so decided to stay awhile:

That evening he hailed a cab and asked the cabbie about houses of ill repute,

So the cabbie took him to one that he knew well.

After choosing a suitable looking gal they went upstairs and on the way, the girl commented on how tall the man was.

The old man said everything from Texas was big.

After getting undressed and the girl had taken a good look she said I can see what you mean about everything from Texas being big.

“Yes ma’am.” Said the man.

“I mean everything.”

After they had finished their business and were getting dressed the old man asked.

“By the way ma’am, what part of Texas are you from?”




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