An Elderly Man Went To A Doctor With Multiple Complaints. –



An elderly man went to a doctor with multiple complaints.

“I see spots before my eyes,” he said.

“It’s due to old age,” said the doctor.

“No food agrees with me,” said the man.

“That too is due to old age,” said the doctor.

“The digestive system becomes weaker as we grow older.”

“My back is giving me trouble,” persisted the man.

“Sometimes the pain becomes unbearable.”

“Old age,” said the doctor.

This was too much for the man.

“Why do you go on saying ‘old age, old age,” he screamed.

“If you cannot cure me, say so. I’ll go elsewhere.”

“See how easily you lost your temper,” said the doctor.

“That is another characteristic of old age.”

At last, the old man slaps him, and the doctor asks,

“Why did you slap me?”

The old man said

“This is also due to old age, you see”




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