Always Stay Quiet About These 6 Things

People say that honesty is the best policy, however, I don’t completely agree with that. In my opinion, there is some room for secrecy which we should probably keep. Although it’s never good to tell bare-faced lies, sometimes withholding information is the best choice.

It’s important that you know which things in your life you should speak about and which things you shouldn’t. To help you figure it out, here are 6 things that you should always stay quiet about.

1. Goals of life

Having goals in life is very important. But you should not share them with others because sometimes you change them due to future circumstances. Our goals morph in accordance to everyday situations and sharing them with other people may lead to them having unrealistic expectations from you. This can only cause you to feel stressed and confused.

2. Personal life

You should never let other people get involved in your personal life. This is especially important when you have issues that other people should never be aware of. Talking about your problems with other people will make them become too attached to your personal life.

3. Family problems

Talking about these things just makes it harder to solve them. Familial problems are meant to be solved between families, not thrown out into the open for everyone to know about. Not only will you be putting the people you care about under fire, but you’ll also be making yourself out to be the bad guy. So please, don’t put your family’s dirty laundry out in the open.

4. Your Financial Status

Money truly is the root of all evil and talking about it just spreads that evil. If you tell people that your paycheck isn’t very big, some might look down on you for not having enough. On the other hand, if you say that you make a lot and enjoy a lot of luxuries, people might think you’re arrogant or try to take advantage of you.

5. Material belongings

Talking about what material possessions you have might make people feel you are bragging just like the point mentioned above. Even if you don’t have a bad intention, people might misinterpret it and think of it as your way of belittling them.

6. Gossip You Know About Others

It happens to all of us – someone comes up uninvited and tells you that latest bit of gossip about someone that no one else knows. However much you may want to spread the news, don’t. The main reason that you shouldn’t is mostly that it may not even be true and you’ll just be spreading lies. If it is true, however, it’s still none of your business or anyone else’s.


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