Always keep these 3 things hidden about your relationship

Always keep these 3 things hidden about your relationship

It is essential to maintain it while you are officially in a relationship with someone. At this age, all of us are rather too excited to spill out all our secrets either out of excessive excitement or habit. However, these little things have a huge impact on your relationship. It is indeed very normal to discuss a couple of fights here and there with your BFF but you need to understand the limit to which you can talk about your relationship to other. After all, relationships comprise of two people. Anyone added to these two will make your relationship a public affair which is likely to create tons of misunderstandings. And as far as we know, none of us want our relationship to become a topic of discussion at someone’s dinner table or social gathering.

1. Your partner’s flaws

We all know that nobody is perfect. Yet when you’re exposed to your partner’s flaws, some people have a tendency to discuss it with their friends. It paints your partner in a negative light, which should never be the goal.

Your partner will get on your nerves. It’s just that simple. It will cause arguments and rifts, but some are small enough to get over. If you go on and tell others about it, that can make everything worse.

Don’t discuss your partner’s weaknesses with someone else. Everyone has demons and baggage and it’s what makes them unique. You should calm them down, make them better, and don’t put the issues out in public.

2. Anything related to your love life

The things you do in the bedroom with your partner shouldn’t be public knowledge. You can discuss it with a relationship counselor or your gynecologist, but other third parties shouldn’t be privy to this information.

Intimacy should be kept private. Regardless of how big or small the piece of information is, it’s unfair to the other person for you to openly talk about it.

Problems, fantasies, and everything relating to the bedroom is not to be shared. When you do you break trust and this can cause fights. Don’t let anger send you to do something you’ll regret.

3. Your fights

Similar to flaws, this should not be discussed with outsiders. It’s understandable for you to go to a close friend for advice and things like that, but too much detail is a problem.

Now, if the fights are leading to physical or mental abuse then you shouldn’t hesitate to be open about that. If it’s not that serious then keep it quiet. Not everyone needs to know the business that goes on between you and your partner.

No good can come of it. Every story has your side, the other person’s, and the truth usually falls in the middle. When you tell others, that truth can get lost and everyone involved gets hurt. Your mutual friends will see the petty issues and that can cause problems within the friendship as well as the relationship.


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