Alfie proves that nothing’s impossible–amazing rescue and recovery.

 This hopeless dog looked insolvable to save. His cranium appeared more” deficient”than wounded. 


Bees had burrowed into his head, and  now it looked like a receptacle with exposed bone at the bottom. 

He was homeless  in painful situation ,what kind of feeling he got. looking for someone to help and take care of hime.

 When bees do this, they can do enormous damage within just hours. His survival was doubtful. He wandered in circles. But his body condition gave us a hint of stopgap. 

that gave a positive hope for the vet to do their best to heal this canine.

We learned that Alfie was one of the souls on earth with an enormous capacity to give and admit love. Without this unique gift, indeed with watchful medical treatment, he presumably could not have survived. 



 But Alfie– well, Alfie’s someone special. want to live ,to love and to enjoy 

 Meet him now, and stretch your understanding of what is possible for precious souls. 

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