A Young Man Moved To The Beach Area. –

A young man moved to the beach area and is trying to meet women, but isn’t having much luck.

One day, the young guy is walking down the beach, and he passes an old guy, who is completely surrounded by young beautiful women in bikinis vying for his attention.

The young guy scratches his head and keeps walking, but can’t understand how that old guy is meeting so many women…

The next day, he takes a stroll on the beach again and passes the same guy, who once again has many attractive young women with him.

The next time he walks down the beach, he sees the old guy again, and he still has hot young women all around him.

Finally, he decides that he has to know the old guy’s secret, so he pulls the guy aside and asks,

“How do you do it? How do you always attract so many hot young women?”

The old guy responds,

“Tomorrow, when you head out to the beach, slip a potato inside your bathing suit!”

So the next day, the young guy slides a potato into his bathing suit and heads out for his daily beach walk.

But today, all the women are actually moving farther and farther away from him!

He finds the old guy again and says,

“Hey, what’s going on? I followed your advice, I put a potato in my bathing suit, and the women are practically running away from me!”

The old guy sighs and says:

“Try again tomorrow, but this time, put the potato in the front!”

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