A Woodcutter Whose Livelihood Was Chopping Trees. –



There was a woodcutter whose livelihood was chopping trees and selling firewood.

One day when he was in a pensive mood and strolling along the riverside, his axe slipped from his grasp and fell into the river.

His only source of income was gone he sat on the riverbank and started crying.

The river Angel seeing his plight and reasons behind it, at once entered the river and brought out a Golden Axe.

On being told it was not his, the Angel went in and got a Silver axe.

When the woodcutter refused to say it was not his axe, retrieved the original axe and gave the Golden and Silver Axes as well appreciating his honesty.

Years rolled by and the Woodcutter now rich walked along the river bank with his wife, who on losing her balance fell deep into the river.

The woodcutter started sobbing when the same Angel came and proffered help.

She vanished and came out with Raquel Welch and the woodcutter.

This time on being questioned by the Angel as to why the woodcutter promptly agreed to take Raquel as their wife the woodcutter clarified.

If I had said No you would have gone in and come out with Gina Lollobrigida and if I declined again you would gone in and come out with my wife and told me to take all of them.

I can manage only one wife-




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