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A woman steals 100 dollars from a shop riddle is one of the internet’s most baffling riddles for quite some time now. Here is a look at the A woman steals $100 from a storeregister riddle answer with an explanation.

A woman went to a store and steals $100 and buys $70 worth of goods. How much did the cashier lose?

If a woman walks into a shop and steals $100 without the shopkeeper’s knowledge, and later comes back and ‘buys’ an item valuing $70, and $30 is given to her, how much does the shopkeeper lose?

30 dollars
70 dollars
100 dollars
130 dollars
170 dollars
200 dollars

The correct answer to a woman steals 100 dollars from a shop riddle is: 100 Dollars.


To simply understand the answer let’s break the problem down in pieces. First she steals $100. So far, so easy.


She returns to buy $70 worth of goods using the stolen $100. Here’s the first tricky part. She returns the $100 in exchange for $70 worth of product.

-100 + 100 – 70 = -70

Finally, she gets $30 in change. This is basically just money taken out of the register and given to her. Because no new money had entered the register, it is also a loss. Therefore the final equation gonna be like this:

-100 + 100 – 70 – 30 = – 100

As you can see, while $100 was stolen, it was returned and instead $70 worth of product was stolen as well as $30 in change that shouldn’t have been given. The answer is: The business lost $100.

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