A Wife Sent A Short Message. –

A wife sent a short message through her mobile phone to her husband.

Wife: “Hon, please buy bread at the bakery after work.”

For 30 minutes, the husband did not reply to her SMS.

The wife again texted:

“Buy at least 2 loaves of bread because your girlfriend Karen is here.”

Husband: “Who’s Karen?”

Wife: “No one. Just wondering if you got my message.”

Husband: “I did get your message, Gina is here with me in the bakery.”

Wife: “Who’s Gina?”

Husband: “My girlfriend.”

The wife hurriedly rushed to the bakery to confront her husband.

Wife: “Where are you? I’m here in the bakery”

Husband: “I’m at work, and since you are in the bakery, please buy some bread.”

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