A Wealthy Old Man Was Lying On His Deathbed. –



A wealthy old man was lying on his deathbed, when it occurred to him he had never made a will,

so he called his lawyer to help him make his will.

The following day his lawyer came, and the wealthy man said,

“I want 25% of my money to go to charity. After all, I’ve taken, I should give something back.”

“How generous of you,” the lawyer responded.

“I’ll make sure it happens right away.”

“I also want 25% of it to go to my son. He’s been counting the days till he could get my money,” the old man said.

“Okay, I’ll make sure he receives 25% of it,” the lawyer replied.

“I want the rest to go to my wife, on condition that she remarries after I die,” the old man said.

“Okay, I’ll ensure that that happens, but may I ask why you want her to remarry? It’s a quite obscure request,” the lawyer asked.

“I want to make sure at least one man regrets my death,” the old man said…




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