A Teacher Was Playing A Game With Her Class. –


A kindergarten teacher was playing a game with her class.

The game involved little hard candies, handing one of each flavour to every student.

She told her students to eat the red ones first, then guess what it tastes like.

They all ate the red one and after a few minutes, they guessed it tasted like Strawberries, they were correct.

Next, the teacher had them eat the orange one with the hint

“the answer is in the name.”

They ate and guessed it tasted like orange.

The green one was tricky, but they were able to guess it was lime.

Then the teacher had them eat the clear white ones, these were honey flavoured, but the children couldn’t tell what it was.

“I’ll give you another hint.” She told the class.

“Sometimes your parents call each other this.”

Not a moment later, little Johnny had a look of shock and spit out in fear.

“Why did you spit yours out, Johnny?” The teacher asked.

Little Johnny on the verge of tears said loudly to the class.

“Because they’re a$sholes!”




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