A Teacher And Her Class Learn About Grown-Up Words. –



A teacher is teaching her class of kindergarteners how to use grown-up expressions.

She points to little Sally and asks,

“Sally, what did you do this weekend.”

Sally tilted her head and said, “I went on a choo choo!”

“Marvelous, dear,” said the teacher,

“But next time, try ‘I rode on a train.’”

She then turns to little Mark, a kindly, young lad and asks,

“And how about you, Mark?”

Mark put a finger to his lips and thought real hard.

“I went to the animal place and saw the stripy horsies.”

“Simply exquisite,” the teacher replied,

“But say you saw zebras at the zoo next time, alright dear?”

After Mark nodded, the teacher turned to colorful and spirited Franky.

“How about you, Johnny?”

The little boy tilted his head after a second and said, “I read a…book!”

“Very good!” The teacher said, glowing with pride.

“And what did you read?” She asked, beaming.

Little Johnny thought long and hard for a second, then smiled real big, puffed up his chest and said in a great, big voice:

“Winnie the Sh!t!”




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